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Saturday, 16 October 2010

remembering Patrick O'Connor (1949-2010)

'Eugene Ray!''

a carte de visite photograph of Eugene Ray (fl. 1880s), 'fil de fer' (wire walker)

(photo: Richard Stuart Brown's Photographic Rooms, Edinburgh, probably early 1880s)

Keith's Circus, Hyde, week beginning Monday, 3 July 1882
'. . . Eugene Ray, a clever performer on the slack wire . . .'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 8 July 1882, p. 10b)

'Sanger's Circus
'There is a considerable change in the programme at this establishment this week. After a month's successful run, the pantomime of Dick Whittington, which has by its novelty delighted old and young, has been withdraw. . . . The first part of the programme is of the usual miscellaneous character, and comprises clever feats on barebacked horses by Mdlle. Lizzie and Mr. C. Clarke; a daring performance on the invisible wire by Eugene Ray, and Alfrano and Linder on the flying rings, Mdmme. E. Ray also introduces her highly-trained steeds, which go through some wonderful manoeuvres, and there is also an amusing sketch of a day's shooting by a Cockney sportsman by Mr. Rolland and Little Sandy. . . .' (Leicester Chronicle and the Leicestershire Mercury, Leicester, Saturday, 27 January 1883, p. 2a)

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