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Saturday, 6 March 2010

remembering Patrick O'Connor (1949-2010)

Sam Cowell

a carte de visite photograph of Sam Cowell (1820-1864),
an early star of British music hall

(photo: H.N. King, 42a Milsom Street, Bath, Somerset, circa 1860)

'Sam Cowell. - Mr. Sam Cowell gave his farewell concert (previous to his departure for America), in St. Hilda's Hall [Whitby], on Tuesday evening last, when he was received with great eclat by a crowded and fashionable audience. The talented performer proved himself a thorough master of his profession, and kept the company in one contunued state of laughter during the entertainment. The matter in which he performed his four comic scenas (which were all encored), entitled, ''The Life and Tragical End of bad Macbeth,'' ''The Shoe Black,'' ''The Railway Porter,'' and ''Lord Lovel and Ladie Nancie Belle,'' did him much credit and afforded a rich treat to the company present. The singing of the Misses henry, Mr. James Hicks, and Master H. Corri, was well received and brought forth loud applause. In addition tot he evening's programme, Miss Henry was requested to sing ''Willie we have missed you,'' which she did in a first-rate manner. The entertainment is altogether beyond description, and we can only say to those who have not yet heard Sam Cowell, avail yourselfs of the very first opportunity of doing so.'
(Whitby Gazette, Scarborough, Yorkshire, Saturday, 3 September 1859, p. 4c)

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