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no. 630

Saturday, 10 October 2009

images of theatre and other popular entertainment

Herr Seeth

a cabinet photograph of Herr Seeth with one of his lions,
two ponies and two hounds at Norwich Circus, March 1897

The band, seen at the top of the photograph, includes a piano, flanked by a party of schoolboys,
supporting a placard with the name Saul Salkind, who was a retailer of musical instruments
and gramophones, etc, with shops at Norwich and nearby Cromer.

(photo: Wilkinson & Co, Norwich, March 1897)

'What is virtually the foremost animal show of the world is given by Mr. Seeth's forest-bred lions. Seeth himself, who can command the handsome salary of 150 a week, is seen in the accompanying curious photo. with a full-grown lion on his shoulders. One of the most curious items in the show is a big "merry-go-round" manned by lions, and pulled round by a pretty little pony. Each lion squats grumpily in a miniature sailing ship, and protests from time to time at the futility of the whole business. Mr. Seeth also drives his lions (which are really magnificent brutes) in a specially built chariot; and as he himself is attired as a Greek hero, the ensemble makes a very striking picture. Seeth is a powerful and fearless man, both of these qualities being evidenced by our photograph.'
(from William G. FitzGerald, 'Side-Shows. V, The Strand Magazine, London, July 1897, p.96)

Herr Seeth

Herr Seeth with his lions and tigers

(photo: unknown, circa 1900)

This real photograph cigarette card was issued in England by Ogden�s in one of their Guinea Gold series about 1900. The subject is the internationally celebrated lion tamer, Herr Seeth.

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