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no. 621

Saturday, 8 August 2009

images of theatre and other popular entertainment

Star & Lylia

Mons. Star and Mdlle. Lylia (fl. 1889-1892), balancing and silver wire trapeze artists,
at the Oxford music hall, London, October and November 1890,
after an original drawing by Leonard Raven-Hill, 1890

(from Pick-Me-Up, London, Saturday, 29 November 1890, p. 135)

'Mademoiselle Lylia is a muscular young lady, who makes pretty patterns of herself on the trapeze at the top of a long pole, which is balanced by Mons. Star as easily as some of you would balance a cash-book. Mademoiselle would be a healthy surprise for any of the season's burglars who might happen to get into her back garden. She turns about in graceful circles, and hangs down from the trapeze by her feet, and sometimes by a little lump at the back of her head. During her most perilous feats the people in the audience held their breath - and in some cases I should say they had a pretty hard tussle to do it.'
(Pick-Me-Up, London, Saturday, 29 November 1890, p. 134b)

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