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no. 599

Saturday, 7 March 2009

images of theatre and other popular entertainment

a carte de visite photograph of Mary Frances Scott-Siddons (1844-1896), English actress,
as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, in which she toured the United Kingdom during 1866 and 1867
and appeared opposite W.H. Kendal at the Haymarket Theatre, London, 11 September 1867

(photo: W. Neilson, Edinburgh, 1866)

'EXTRAORDINARY SCENE AT THE HAYMARKET THEATRE. - An unusually sympathetic spectator was amongst the audience at the Haymarket Theatre on Saturday night, the 21st inst. Mrs . Scott-Siddons was playing Juliet, and in the Chamber Scene, towards the close of the tragedy, was contemplating the horrors that would await her in the family vault if she awoke before Friar Lawrence and Romeo should come to her aid. The actress, then, previous to asserting that she beheld the bloody corpse of her slain kinsman, Tybalt, gave a loud and sudden shriek, which was instantly echoed by a lady seated in the dress circle, who was thrown into hysterics by the recital of the terrors conjured up by Juliet. The lady was removed to the lobby and cared for, and Juliet, proceeding with her part, quaffed the drowsy syrup according to the direction of her ghostly counsellor.'
(The Era, London, Sunday, 29 September 1867, p. 6b)

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