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no. 594

Saturday, 31 January 2009

images of theatre and other popular entertainment

a carte de visite photograph of
The Hulines (James, John Alfred and Henry, fl. 1870s-1890s),
English musical clowns, hat throwers, &c

(photo: J. Sladen, Cookridge Street, Leeds, early 1870s)

The Bedford music hall
'. . . The three Hulines followed with eccentric and clever musical performances. They tumbled about in a remarkable and droll manner while fiddling, and added some good dancing. . . .'
(The Era, London, Sunday, 23 October 1870, p. 7b)

'To Managers.
'THE HULINES are at Liberty for the coming Christmas as Two Clowns, Pantaloon, Sprite, with a good Performing Dog. Can treat for all together or separate.
'22 Clonbrock-road, Stoke Newington, London.'
(The Era, London, Sunday, 2 August 1874, p. 16c)

'The musical Clowns the Hulines were much in favour, their hat-throwing, amongst other tricks, causing much amusement. . . .'
(The Era, London, Sunday, 18 August 1878, p. 3c)

For further information, see John Turner, Victorian Arena, The Performers, Lingdales Press, Formby, Liverpool, vol. 1, p.72)

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