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no. 592

Saturday, 17 January 2009

images of theatre and other popular entertainment

a carte de visite photograph of Louisa Angel (fl. 1850s/1860s),
English actress

(photo: Heath & Beau, London, 1862-1863)

'THE THEATRE [Bristol] . . .
'On Wednesday a Night with Uncle Tom, revived by request, drew a crowded house. The part of Eve was sustained by Miss Louisa Angel, a precocious artist who formed a good conception of the character, and portrayed with life-like simplicity the gentle nature of the ''angel-child.'' Uncle Tom was well acted by Mr. Stephens, and Mr. Silver did ample justice to the coarse brutality of Legree. Mrs. Woollidge played Miss Ophelia, but had not sufficiently mastered the text to be at ease in the part. In the other leading characters there was no change.'
(The Bristol Mercury, Bristol, 9 December 1854, p. 6a)

Revival of Much Ado About Nothing, Haymarket Theatre, London, Easter Monday, 1863
'Miss Louisa Angel, from Newcastle-on-Tyne, made her first appearance as Beatrice, looking thoroughly in accordance with one's idea of that vixen, but scarcely coming up to the required point of domestic dare-devilry. A splendid spitfire, but a feeble vixen. Of course these words vastly oversay what we really mean, but they will serve to show that a little more ''dash'' was required. . . .'
(Lloyd's Weekly London Newspaper, London, Sunday, 12 April 1863, p. 8b)

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