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no. 586

Saturday, 6 December 2008

images of theatre and other popular entertainment

Young Nimrod (Master Charles Brown)
'Champion Shot of the World, as he appeared
'before H.R.H. The Prince of Wales at the
'Royal Aquarium, Westminster, Apr. 3rd. 1882.'

a Woodburytype carte de visite of Young Nimrod (fl. 1880s),
'Young Nimrod' (Master Charles Brown, fl. 1880s), English boy marksman

(photo: The London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co Ltd, London, 1882)

'A TRUE ''SON OF A GUN.'' - The ''Champion Juvenile Shot of the World,'' now performing at the Aquarium, styles himself ''Young Nimrod.'' But that he, of course, uses a breechloader instead of the older-fashioned weapon, he might have been more fittingly styled ''Young Ramrod.''
(from Funny Folks, Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle, Portsmouth, England, Saturday, 15 April 1882, p. 2f)

Young Nimrod at the Royal Aquarium

Young Nimrod at the Royal Aquarium, April 1882,
on the same bill as Agnes Beckwith, Willie Beckwith
and Farini's Tattooed Greek Nobleman

(The Entr'acte, London, Saturday, 1 April 1882, p.2c, advertisement)

'YOUNG NIMROD AT ASTON LOWER GROUNDS. - According to announcement, young Nimrod, whose extraordinary achievements as a crack shot have been the subject of considerable comment of late, gave another exhibition of his marvellous skill on Saturday, at the Aston Lower Grounds. It was announced that he would break ninety out of a hundred glass balls. Shortly after three, the boy commenced shooting, in the presence of a large assemblage, and succeeded in breaking no fewer than ninety-nine balls, missing his sixty-first ball only. He was in very good form, and was enthusiastically cheered. He will continue his shooting exhibitions at these grounds for another week.'
(The Birmingham Daily Post, Birmingham, England, Monday, 14 August 1882, p. 4d)

'''THE CLAIMANT'' AT NUNHEAD. - An immense concourse of people, says the shooting correspondent of the Sportsman, were attracted to Mr. C. Brown's spacious ground, London, on Saturday afternoon, the Claimant being announced to shoot a match for 50 with Master Charles Brown, better known as Young Nimrod. Punctually at 3.30, the appointed time, a start was made, Sir Roger standing at the 25 yards and the boy as 20 yards' rise, this allowance being made for his small gun and low charge of 2drms. of Schultz powder at 1oz. of shot. The birds were exceedingly good, and left the traps with great speed. Although Nimrod missed his first two he shot in grand form, and won the match with great ease, killing 10, whereas the Claimant grassed only four out of 15. Fifteen entries were obtained at 1 each for a gun, in a handicap at five pigeons. Young Nimrod (20 yards' rise), Mr. A. Hollidge (for Whiteman) (29), Mr. C. Brown (30), Mr. Patch (29), and Mr. Merrion (for Oxford) (28) each killed all their birds, when to give all a chance the traps were cleared and some good blues put in, which resulted in knocking out Messrs. C. Brown, Patch, and Merrion at the first round. A long and exciting tie followed between Nimrod and Mr. Hollidge, and after some splendid shooting was witnessed, Nimrod ultimately proved the winner with a score of fourteen consecutive kills. Three 1 handicap sweepstakes were also shot, the first being won by Young Nimrod (20), killing five, and the second, with sixteen entries, was cut up between Messrs. Harvey (28), King (26), and Boswell (28), each dropping three, the third being divided by Nimrod and Mr. King (26), after killing six each. Numerous minor events concluded a good afternoon's sport. Mr. J. Gardener, as usual, acted as referee and handicapper; the proprietor supplied the birds. Scores:-
'MATCH for 50; fifteen blue rocks.
'Young Nimrod, 20 yards rise - - - 001111111010110 - 10 kills
'The Claimant, 25 - - - - - - - - - 010100001000100 - 4 kills'
(The Ipswich Journal, and Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire Advertiser, Ipswich, England, Thursday, 26 March 1885, p. 1d)

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