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no. 584

Saturday, 22 November 2008

images of theatre and other popular entertainment

Funny Fred Hall
a carte de visite photograph of Funny Fred Hall (1857-1898),
English clown and comedian

(photo: Taney & Co, Foreshore Road, Scarborough, and
Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, England, circa 1885)

Boston, Lincolnshire, England
'CORN EXCHANGE STOODLEY'S CIRQUE. - The Corn Exchange continues to be well fitted nightly, a very good programme having been provided this week. A Night in Pekin is very creditably put on. The horsemanship of Miss and Mr C.W. Stoodley and the Clown business of Funny Fred. Hall evoke merited applause. The notable additions to the company are Henry Brown (jester), and Mdlle. Zara and Libra Adela (equilibrists).'
(The Era, London, Sunday, 2 March 1879, p. 8a)

'MR. STOODLEY'S CIRCUS. - This source of public amusement, which comprises such an able and talented company, has been largely patronized during the present week. On Tuesday evening a performances was given under the patronage of the Mayor (A.F. Nicholson, Esq.) and other influential gentlemen, there being a full house. Cee-Mee [tightrope walker] continues his ariel performance at an altitude of 40 feet with a great Alpine leap of 25 feet through a fire balloon to a stationery trapeze. This certainly is a most wonderful feat, and is watched by the audience in breathless silence. The horseback riding is excellent, as are also the performances on the bar and flying rings. As regards the clowns, John J. Cooke and Funny Fred Hall still maintain the reputation they acquired here whilst the circus was staying at Ipswich some time back. Abe Daniels, the musical clown, is well worth seeing, he being a complete master of the violin, as he is also of the banjo.'
(The Ipswich Journal, Ipswich, England, Saturday, 12 April 1879, p. 5c)

'DIED, April 17th, at Liverpool, Henry Tudor Hall, the beloved brother of William Tudor and Funny Fred Hall, age forty-six years. Interred at Everton Cemetery. American papers please copy.'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 30 April 1887, p. 7c)

'HALL. - In ever-loving memory of my dear husband, Frederick Tudor Hall (Funny Fred Hall), who departed from this life, Aug. 28th, 1898. Never forgotten by his loving wife.'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 26 August 1899, p. 14d)

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