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no. 495

Saturday, 10 March 2007

a scene with Ida René and Marie Blanche
from Harry Grattan's revue,
Playhouse Theatre, London, 30 November 1915


Ida René and Marie Blanche in a scene from the revue,
Samples!, Playhouse Theatre, London, 30 November 1915

(photo: Wrather & Buys, London, 1915)

'Miss Ida René and Miss Marie Blanche, who are two of the birth particular stars in Mr. Harry Grattan's revue, Samples, now playing to crowded houses at the Playhouse. Miss Ida René is Mrs. Arthur Prince, and her husband is now at the front. Miss Marie Blanche scored a big hit in All Scotch [revue by Harry Grattan, Apollo, London, 16 July 1915], and is the lucky possessor of a very beautiful voice. She is here seen as a novel Peter Pan and Miss Ida René is Wendy.'
(The Tatler, London, Wednesday, 15 December 1915, p.335)

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