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no. 472

Saturday, 30 September 2006

Odette Myrtil (1898-1978), French musician, actress and singer,
singing Harold Weeks's international hit
an interpolated song in the revue
Bran Pie,
Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, 28 August 1919

a scene from Bran Pie

a scene from Bran Pie,
Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, 28 August 1919,
the principals, left to right: Bob Alden (of the Two Bobs), Odette Myrtil (Mrs Bob Adams),
Rebla, Beatrice Lillie, Bob Adams, Phyllis Titmuss and Jack Hulbert

(photo: Stage Photo Co, London, 1919)

Odette Myrtil, accompanied by Bran Pie's chorus, recorded Chong for the Columbia label (F-1012, mx 76634-1, 1.8m mp3) in London about 14 October 1919.

Odette Myrtil

Odette Myrtil in her signature black velvet costume,
with the violin with which she began her long, successful career

(photo: Bassano, London, 6 March 1916, negative no. 46696/4)

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