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no. 429

Saturday, 3 December 2005

Time is Money,
a comedietta by Mrs Hugh Bell and Arthur Cecil,
first produced at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 5 September 1890,
with several revivals as a curtain-raiser as when it was staged at the
Criterion, London, 3 August 1905, with Charles Hawtrey, Dorothy Hammond and Mona Harrison

Time is Money

A scene from Time is Money, Criterion, London, 3 August 1905,
with, left to right, Dorothy Hammond as Mrs Murray, Mona Harrison as Susan, and Charles Hawtrey as Charles Grahame

(photo: unknown for The Play Pictorial, London, 1905)

'By way of answer to the complaint that the curtain-raiser is neglected, the Criterion Theatre has given us a lever de rideau in which no less an actor than Mr. Charles Hawtrey takes a part. Time is Money, the work in question, shows a little too grimly how quickly the clock moves in the theatre. It does not seem a very long time since it was a lively, fresh comedietta, but the other night one felt a little grieved that the actor should be using his gifts, and using them very ably, upon such mechanical humours and trifling verbal quips. However, a good deal of it is amusing. The favourite was in excellent form, and well supported by Miss Mona Harrison and Miss Dora Hammond.'
(The Sketch, London, 16 August 1905, p.156)

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