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no. 419

Saturday, 24 September 2005

James Montgomery's comedy,
Ready Money,
New Theatre, London, 12 August 1912

Ready Money  the arrest of Ives

The arrest of Jackson Ives (Allan Aynesworth) in a scene from
Ready Money, New Theatre, London, 12 August 1912.

(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, 1912)

'Ready Money at the New Theatre.
'Anyone spending August in London is assured of a bright and interesting evening at the New Theatre. Mr. Allan Aynesworth has found an excellent play, full of go and stirring situations. Mr. Aynesworth, who is very effectively disguised by a small imperial, acts the part of Ives, the forger of American thousand-dollar notes, with great force and conviction. He is admirably supported by Mr. Kenneth Douglas [as Stephen Baird], who as the hard-up youth of good breeding is lured into handling some of the forger's paper money. One act turns on the idea that you do not have to spend money, merely show you have it, and money flows to you. Stephen's friends thrust their cheques upon the unwilling youth and are determined to buy shares in his mine merely on sight of the roll of notes. It is a thoroughly good story.'
(The Sphere, London, Wednesday, 24 August 1912, p.197)

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