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London, 7 July 2005

London, Thursday, 7 July 2005

London, 7 July 2005

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no. 414

Saturday, 20 August 2005

The Balkan Princess,
a musical play by Frederick Lonsdale and Frank Curzon,
with music by Paul Rubens,
Herald Square Theatre, New York, 9 February 1911

The Balkan Princess, New York, 1911

The Bohemian restaurant scene in The Balkan Princess,
with Herbert Corthell as Henri and Vida Whitmore as Sofia,
Herald Square, New York, 9 February 1911.

'Vivacious Vida holds her thin-stemmed glass for more amber bubbling fluid,
at the same time exhibits her famous lace stockings to the gasping bald-headed row.
The orchestra leader allows that the effect is truly startling.'
(The Standard and Variety Fair, New York, Saturday, 4 March 1911, p.7)

(photo: Hall, New York, 1911)

The Balkan Princess opened its 108 performance run at the Herald Square Theatre, New York, on 9 February 1911. Besides Herbert Corthell and Vida Whitmore, the cast included Robert Warwick as the Grand Duke Sergius and Louise Gunning as Princess Stephanie; and Percy Ames, Teddy Webb and May Boley. Alice Brady also appeared, making her Broadway debut.

* * * * * * * *

The original production of The Balkan Princess took place at the Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, on 19 February 1910, and ran for 176 performances. The cast included Bertram Wallis as the Grand Duke Sergius and Isabel Jay as Princess Stephanie; and James Blakeley as Henri and Mabel Green as Sofia. Hazel Dawn appeared as Olga.

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