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London, 7 July 2005

London, Thursday, 7 July 2005

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no. 408

Saturday, 9 July 2005

Alice Delysia
stars in the 1916 British film,
based on H. Rider Haggard's novel

A scene from the 1916 UK film, She

Henry Victor (1892-1945), English screen actor as Leo Vincey
and Alice Delysia (1889-1979), French actress, singer and dancer as Ayesha
in a scene from the British film, She, directed by William G.B. Barker and Horace Lisle Lucoque.

(photo: Barker Motion Photography, England, 1916)

'Rider Haggard's dramatic story has been filmed, and no better choice of a heroine could have been made than Mlle. Delysia, who has shown us that not only is she a comédienne of a high order but likewise capable of far more serious work. In this picture drama she gets her chance, and in collaboration with Mr. Henry Victor, who plays Leo Vincey, with whose ancestor the mysterious queen was in love long centuries ago, she has achieved a success of no mean order. The story of "She who must be Obeyed" is too well known to need more than a passing reference.'
(The Tatler, London, Wednesday, 5 April 1916, p.25)

advertisement with scene from the film, She, 1916

Advertisement with a scene from the film, She, 1916.

(Pictures and the Picturegoer, London, Saturday, 1 April 1916, p.19b)

For further information, see the Internet Movie Database and the Progressive Silent Film List.

Alice Delysia

Alice Delysia as herself

(photo: Foulsham & Banfield, London, circa 1916)

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