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no. 406

Saturday, 2 July 2005

'Circling the Circ'
at the Alhambra, Leicester Square, London, December 1902

Circling the Circ

'Circling the Circ'

(photo: unknown, London, 1902)

'As soon as ever any wonderful trick performance is evolved in the bicycle world somebody goes one better. Londoners had hardly had time to recover from their amazement at seeing human beings and moneys looping the loop when they found that if they wished to be quite up to date they would have to go and see "circling the circ" at the Alhambra. This novel performance is really an old friend dressed up in new clothes. As will be seen from the illustration the circ is a track which slopes at a most acute angle, the cyclists beginning at the bottom and gradually working up to the top. This performance in somewhat the same form has been seen in London before, the sensational part of the Alhambra show being that the track is bodily hoisted up in maid air while the cyclists are careering round the top at a tremendous speed. It is sufficiently soul-shaking to please the most jaded and is well worth a visit.'
(The Tatler, London, Wednesday, 31 December 1902, p.529)

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