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no. 399

Saturday, 7 May 2005

Justin Huntly McCarthy's romantic play,
The Proud Prince,
Lyceum Theatre, London, 4 September 1909,
with Matheson Lang, Eric Mayne, Frances Dillon, Dorothy Thomas, et al

Frances Dillon

Frances Dillon (1872-1947), English actress,
as Lysabetta in The Proud Prince, Lyceum, London, 4 September 1909

(photo: Daily Mirror Studios, London, 1909)

'London, Sept. 17. -
'Another drama which was a great success on your side [of the Atlantic] is also achieving great success on ours. That is Huntley [sic] McCarthy's romantic play, The Proud Prince, which Managers [Henry R.] Smith and [Ernest] Carpenter have just produced for the first time in England at the Lyceum. Like The Great Divide, this drama is too well known to playgoing Mirror readers to need any description from my pen. You will be glad to learn that it is being splendidly played (with Matheson Lang as the Proud Prince, impersonated by E.H. Sothern in your country), and by sundry strong supporters, including Frederick Ross, Eric Mayne, Isabel [sic] Dillon, and Dorothy Thomas. Also that it is crowding the huge Lydeum at every performance.'
(The New York Dramatic Mirror, New York, Saturday, 2 October 1909, p.23a)

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