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no. 324

Saturday, 29 November 2003

Loie Fuller's Company
at the London Coliseum, December 1921

Loie Fuller's Company

'A photograph which shows the clever use of shadow by
Madame Loie Fuller and her company at the Coliseum.'

(photo: unknown, London, 1921)


'At the Coliseum Loie Fuller's dancers have been delighting everyone with a feast of vision. Her effects are obtained by the use of coloured limes thrown upon white and pale pink costumes, and they are really wonderful. A particularly pleasing result was obtained by painting a gilt network on the slide through which the light was thrown. This colour projected on to a white costume very justly took the title of "The Magic Veil".'
(The Dancing Times, London, January 1922, p.353)

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