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no. 321

Saturday, 8 November 2003

The Peep-Show,
London Hippodrome, 14 April 1921

The Peep-Show

Programme cover for The Peep-Show,
London Hippodrome, 14 April 1921

(artwork by H. Willoghby,
printed by John Waddington Ltd, London, 1921)

The Peep-Show, a topical fantasia by Lauri Wylie, with additional scenes by R.P Weston and Bert Lee, and lyrics by Clifford Harris and Valentine, with music by James W. Tate, was staged by Gus Sohlke and produced by Julian Wylie at the London Hippodrome on 14 April 1921. The principals were Stanley Lupino, Reginald Sharland, Fred Allandale, Mona Vivian and Annie Croft. Other cast members included Leslie Sarony and Desirée Ellinger.

Mona Vivian

Mona Vivian as she sang 'Lena Schmitt'
In The Peep-Show, London Hippodrome, 1921.

(photo: E. Hulton & Co Ltd, London and Manchester, 1921)

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