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no. 310

Saturday, 23 August 2003

An und aus,
a revue at the Admirals Palast, Berlin, 1926

a scene from An und aus, Berlin, 1926

A scene from An und aus, Admirals Palast, Berlin, 1926

(photo: Ernst Schneider, Berlin, 1926)

'… eight revues were thrown on to the Berlin market last season [1926]. Of these only one of the spectacular sort was of real international calibre: An und aus at the Admirals-palast. Walter Kollo's music was not exceptional in any way, but the staging by Hermann Haller and the scenery by Ludwig Kainer set it apart as something worth while. The farce sketches on the [André] Charlot order were actually witty and amusing, and the comedians Paul Morgan and Max Ehrlich played them for all there was in them. The dancing was by the tremendously popular Lawrence Tiller Girls and the Dodge Sisters. This revue has been well patronised the whole season through.'
(from C. Hooper Trask, 'The Berlin Stage,' 'The Stage' Year Book 1927, The Stage Offices, London, 1927, p.97)

Links to photographs of Max Ehrlich and Paul Morgan, and to the home page of the Max Ehrlich Association.

a scene from An und aus, Berlin, 1926

The scene from An und aus, Admiral's Palast, Berlin, 1926,
burlesquing German student life.

(photo: Ernst Schneider, Berlin, 1926)

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