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no. 308

Saturday, 9 August 2003

A Perfect Woman, a comedy duologue,
with Katie Vesey and Pip Powell,
London Coliseum, 10 May 1909

Pip Powell and Katie Vesey

Katie Vesey with her cousin, Pip Powell,
en route in the Suez Canal, 1910

(photo: private snapshot, 1910)

'Early in the current scheme of amusement at the Coliseum we meet with the familiar name of Vesey, and we immediately think of the days of our boyhood when Clara Vesey captured out youthful fancy at the old Philharmonic, Islington, [in company with her sister, Emily Soldene, the mother of Pip Powell]. Kiss Katie Vesey, to whom we are now referring, has inherited much of her mother's ability and charm. She appears with a clever comedian and dancer, Mr. Pip Powell, in a musical comedy duologue A Perfect Woman, which is our old friend Perfection; or, The Lady of Munster [a farce, first performed at Drury Lane, 25 March 1830] sometimes called The Cork Leg. Miss Vesey plays with considerable humour the lady reclining on a sofa who confesses to a cork leg after she has accepted a proposal of marriage, and then explains that because she was born in Cork she has "cork" legs. The logic is not convincing, but as she dances in a most fetching way there is every prospect of the lady's union with the gentleman seeking perfection in his future spouse. Mr. Pip Powell is volatile, resourceful, and amusing as the suitor.'
(The Era, London, Saturday, 3 April 1909, p.18b)

Katie Vesey

Katie Vesey in a pantomime role

(photo: Sachs, Bradford, England, circa 1908)

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